Christopher Nolan Film Oppenheimer Indian Box Office Collection Day 1 Beat Mission Impossible 7

Oppenheimer Box Office Day 1 Collection: Christopher Nolan’s film ‘Oppenheimer’ is seeing amazing craze in India. On the very first day, this film is pointing towards blockbuster. While Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission Impossible 7’, released a few days ago, was doing wonders at the box office, now ‘Oppenheimer’ has left the film behind on the very first day itself. On the very first day of the film, amazing craze is being seen in the audience.

‘Oppenheimer’ opening day collection
‘Oppenheimer’, showing the strong acting of Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr., has made strong earnings on the first day itself. According to the early trade report of Saknilk, the first day collection of this film has been 13.50 crores. In this context, this film has become the first Hollywood film of this year, which has taken such a strong opening. Earlier, the opening day collection of ‘Mission Impossible 7’ released on July 12 was 12.25 crores. On the other hand, Vin Diesel’s ‘Fast X’, released on May 19, earned around Rs 12 crore on the opening day.

what is the story of the movie
‘Oppenheimer’ is a biographical drama. Which is based on the life of ‘J Robert Oppenheimer’, the father of the atomic bomb. This film tells about Oppenheimer’s first nuclear test ‘Trinity’. In which there is an interesting description of the events before and after the trial.

During World War II, Japan was bombed with atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Which was done by America. Many people had to lose their lives in this attack, as well as it took many years for Japan to recover from this attack. Taking a part of it in this film, it is shown that how a human’s desire can lead to the destruction of human life.

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