Claiming another’s land as his own, a deal of 60 lakhs, took 38 lakhs in advance by doing fake registry

Karn Mishra, Gwalior. In Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, the police have arrested four people of the gang who had done fake registration by claiming that it was their land. By showing the land of others, 5 people of the gang used to do fake registry by posing as father and son and each other’s relatives. The gang members had made a deal with a property dealer for Rs 60 lakh by telling him that it was cheap land and took Rs 38 lakh in advance. When the businessman reached to take possession of the land, then the real owner of the land came forward. Then this fraud was detected. Whose complaint has been made by the property businessman in the police station. Police has registered a case against 5 people.

In fact, Ramswaroop Tomar, a resident of District Morena, is a property businessman and works in partnership with Ashok Tiwari to buy and sell land. In this work, Sabharam Gurjar and his son Akash Gurjar do the work of brokerage. Some time ago Akash and Sabaram came to him and told that a cheap land deal has come and the land is of opportunity. On this, he came to Bhadrauli to see the land and got ready for the deal when the land had a good location. Akash and Sabaram introduced him to the owner of the land Vijay Ram and his son Pramod Dhoni. The land deal was done for 60 lakh rupees.

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After this, he gave an advance of Rs 38 lakh in cash and cheque. After the registry, when he reached to take possession of the land, only then two youths came and told that this land belonged to them. When he talked about getting the registry done, the youth told that the owners of this land are Vijayram and Pramod. As soon as he came to know about this, the ground left under his feet. As soon as the matter was understood, he reached the police station and complained about the matter. Taking immediate action in this matter, the police caught Akash Gurjar, Pramod Kushwaha, Vikas Goswami, Leeladhar Shakya. While Sabharam Gurjar has absconded as soon as he came to know about the disclosure of the matter.

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When the police interrogated, it was revealed that Liladhar Shakya was made Vijayaram and Pramod Kushwaha was made his son Pramod Prajapati. Pramod had prepared the fake ID. While Vikas had searched for land in Bhadrauli. At present, the police have registered a case of cheating against the five accused and arrested all the four accused. While the search for an absconding accused has started.

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