CM Baghel said – If you came then you lied

Raipur. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on a tour of Chhattisgarh, where he targeted the Congress fiercely. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has also raised sharp questions on this. He said that the state BJP leaders were constantly misleading the farmers that paddy is procured with the money of the Center. You are the Prime Minister, you know the truth, but you also lied.

Why are farmers forced to sell paddy in 1000-1200, Modi ji?

Chief Minister Baghel tweeted that it is the biggest lie in the name of farmers that the center takes 80 percent of the state’s paddy procurement. If the role of your government is only this much in paddy purchase of the states, then why are the farmers in your Lok Sabha constituency Varanasi forced to sell paddy at Rs.1000-1200 a quintal, Modi ji?

Sworn by Gangajal for loan waiver – Bhupesh Baghel

BJP leaders of Chhattisgarh gave you wrong information and you went away after reading the speech. Every child of Chhattisgarh knows that we had taken an oath of Gangajal for loan waiver of farmers within ten days and loan waiver was done within two hours, but BJP’s needle is stuck.

No one can mislead the farmers, not even you – Baghel

Farmers remember BJP’s never fulfilled promise of ‘Rs 2100 a quintal’ and ‘Bonus’. They also know what the Congress government is doing for them. Now no one can mislead the farmers of Chhattisgarh. not you too.

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