CM Baghel’s scathing attack on Home Minister Shah and BJP, said- BJP looted so much in 15 years that CG had become the poorest state in 2018

Raipur. Union Home Minister Amit Shah was on a one-day visit to Chhattisgarh. where he addressed the people. Now after this tour the political temperature has heated up. CM Bhupesh Baghel has fiercely targeted BJP and Amit Shah. CM Baghel said, in 15 years, the BJP looted Chhattisgarh state full of resources so much that in the year 2018, Chhattisgarh had become the poorest state in the country in terms of percentage of poor.

CM Baghel said in his reply, Amit Shah is saying that the states are getting a lot of money from the Centre. The states are getting this money from the distribution done by the Finance Commission, it was getting earlier also and it will be received in the future as well. In fact, after the BJP government came to power at the center, the center has been reduced in all the major center-changed schemes and due to their double engine government, our GST compensation amount is also closed. We are bearing the dust of coal, coal and iron are also being extracted from here itself, which the central government is taking full advantage of.

Further, CM Baghel said in his reply, during the BJP government in the state for 15 years, the BJP never remembered Lord Shri Ram’s maternal grandfather. Now the Congress has started beautifying the heritage related to Lord Shri Ram, so the credit goes to the BJP. Standing up to pick up. One should learn the politicization of our Gods from him, the whole country came to know about his hypocrisy from the movie Adipurush. All the allegations in the alleged scams of the Manmohan Singh government have been found baseless in the judgment of the court. The false propaganda of BJP has been exposed.

Further, he said, there was such a big scam of giving the wealth of the entire country to Adani, which is not possible to be investigated during the BJP rule. There is a conspiracy going on to defame the opposition states by misusing CBI and ED, IT. Satyapal Malik has told the truth of Pulwama. Violence continues in Kashmir. China is occupying our land. Manipur is burning. The BJP is busy celebrating.

Not only this, CM Baghel said, most of the passenger trains of the state have been canceled for 3 years. The money from royalty tax on coal is sitting on the Centre. GST compensation has been discontinued. The industries of State 1 are being yearned for coal and iron. The entire BJP is guilty of this injustice being done to the people of the state.

CM Baghel further said in his reply, at least the BJP has no right to say anything about the cylinder. After making a false promise of reducing inflation, inflation increased so much during the BJP regime that the tax has been tripled. Earned tax being deposited. The back of the poor has been broken. In comparison to the amount of revenue that Chhattisgarh has earned in the central exchequer, the state is being shown a favor even after doing injustice to the central government.

CM Baghel said in his reply, malnutrition, death of newborns, medical facilities in tribal areas, farmers are getting very less amount. All the statistics related to murder and crime against women are based on lies. The BJP has only done the work of cheating the farmers. Today, Chhattisgarh is getting the highest price of Kirko paddy in the country. Raman Singh had developed a system only to cheat the farmers. The central government is against giving such additional amount to the farmers.

CM Baghel also said that the BJP should stop looting the central government of taking credit for purchasing rice and giving false praise to the farmers for giving MSP amount. If the MSP of paddy had increased during the 10 years tenure of the Congress, if it had been in the 10th year of the BJP also, the farmers of the state would have benefited thousands of crores, due to which the farmers are being deprived. The central government buys rice from the states as per its compulsion and requirement to guarantee its food security, it is not doing any favor to the states.

If the central government has the courage, then announce that it will take full rice in exchange for each grain of paddy from Chhattisgarh. Amit Shah ji should announce that the ban on bonus is being lifted. Remove forever without announcing just for the election. Before the last assembly elections in 2018, he removed the ban on bonus, after losing the election, he again implemented the ban.

CM Baghel said in his reply, as the assembly elections in the state draw near, the BJP will continue to make false allegations against the state government. After cheating the people of the country in every field, now they have no other option but to use the weapon of lies. The public has been happy with the work done by the Congress government of the state for the welfare and benefit of every section. She is not going to fall under any trap of BJP.

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