Collector reached to hear the suffering of farmers, this solution came out after conversation

Santosh Rajput, Shujalpur. Forest department’s land got submerged in the Kundalia dam project in Agar Malwa district of Madhya Pradesh. In lieu of which the wire fencing of the Forest Department on the 96 hectares of land allotted to the Forest Department at Jethada in Shujalpur of Shajapur district has become a problem for the farmers. Here the way to the fields of hundreds of farmers has been closed. To solve this problem, the Collector along with the staff of the Kishore Kanyal Department reached the spot today.

96000 saplings of different species have been planted in the 96 hectares allotted to the Forest Department. For the protection of wildlife, other works have been done including construction of Dubri to provide drinking water. Here the way of about 100 farmers has been closed due to the wire fencing done by the department. Due to which the farmers are troubled in carrying their produce, agricultural equipments.

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Seeing the anger among the farmers regarding the problem, Collector Kishore Kanyal today reached this land of the Forest Department along with DFO Mayank Chandiwal, Tehsildar Rakesh Khajuria and officials of the Forest Department. Talking to the farmers and asking them the options for the way out, the Collector directed the joint team of the Forest Department and the Revenue Department to open two routes of 300 meters for the farmers in front of the officials of the Revenue Department.

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Collector Kishore Kanyal said that it is unfortunate that there is no forest area anywhere in Shajapur district. That’s why it is the duty of the administration as well as the common people to plant trees and develop the forest area from the point of view of environmental protection. The collector also encouraged the farmers and said that the farmer never fights for the land, the farmer is the food giver and the biggest donor. Shajapur district administration is standing with the farmers to solve the problems of the farmers.

During this, the people of Bharatiya Kisan Sangh also reached and discussed with the collector and informed about the problems of the farmers. The Samajjan put the issue of allotting the land of the old historical settlement of Rajput society to the Forest Department in front of the collector.

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