Comedian Actor Kapil Sharma Tweeted To Prime Minister Narendra Modi After Drinking 8 Pegs Till Date He Pays A Heavy Price

Kapil Sharma Controversies: Comedian-actor Kapil Sharma has become a very popular name today. He has made everyone laugh and tickle a lot with his show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. There is a lot of craze among celebs to come on this show. However, Kapil Sharma, who made people laugh with his comedy, has also made many such mistakes in the intoxication of alcohol, the price of which he has to pay till date. Let’s know here the controversy related to Kapil Sharma

Drunk Kapil Sharma made a mistake
It is about 2016, at that time there was a lot of ruckus on Kapil Sharma’s tweet regarding PM Modi. Kapil had revealed about this in one of his shows ‘I am not done yet’ that he had made a mistake under the influence of alcohol. Kapil had told that during that time he was going through depression. When he mentioned this to his friends, they advised him to take two to four pegs to get rid of depression. Kapil had told, that day my mood was bad since morning and then I put two pegs and started counting my shortcomings. After that I put four pegs and started finding fault with my cook. After this there were 6 pegs and then I started counting the shortcomings of the society around me.

Kapil Sharma tweeted to PM Modi by putting 8 pegs
Kapil further says that then I put 8 pegs and it created the whole scandal. Kapil told that as soon as he put 8 pegs, his mind wandered on the issues of the country. The whole world knows what happened after that. I will not take names but he is the Prime Minister of the country. I tweeted for him and tweeted not one but two. Let us tell you that in a tweet made to PM Modi on September 9, 2016, Kapil had raised questions on Achhe Din. Kapil wrote, “I have been paying income tax of Rs 15 crore for the last five years but still I have to pay a bribe of Rs 5 lakh to BMC to get my office constructed. These are your good days Prime Minister Narendra Modi? ,

Kapil paid a heavy price for his tweet to PM Modi
Kapil further said, “I fell asleep after tweeting with a peg, but when I woke up in the morning and removed the window curtain, I was surprised. OB vans were lined up outside the queue. After this I asked Cook what is this, then he told that all the ruckus has happened because of your tweet. Kapil said that I told my cook that why did he stop me, otherwise he said that he himself is sitting after retweeting.

Kapil further revealed that he had to pay a heavy price for that tweet. He got trolled a lot and then he got upset and went to Maldives. There he took a room in the hotel and during this he also spent 8-9 lakhs.

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