Complete system set! In CG, ‘hard working’ employees are looting the government treasury, minor students are filling the pits of corruption, officials under the burden of commission, when will the investigation be done

Ajay Suryavanshi, Jashpur. Corruption is being done continuously in the work being done by the Public Works Department of the district from Pathalgaon on Kotba to Baghbahar road. In order to benefit the engineer Paras Kaithal contractor posted in the department, he got the minor school students to sprinkle bitumen emulsion and got the patch repairing work done in the water filled pits. For the first time in the district, neither investigation nor action is being taken even after the administration came to know about such irregularities and embezzlement of government money.

Actually, the work of road under construction from Kotba to Baghbahar is being done. The work which was supposed to be done in the summer months, is being done by pouring chemicals during the heavy rains. Ballast murum has to be used to fill the potholes in the roads, but keeping all the rules in mind, the work is being done in a hurry. Such minor youths, who are school students, were working in this road construction work and they were engaged in patch work leaving teaching.

On questioning the minor, it was found that his father works, but these days he has come to work at his place due to the work of agriculture. When he was asked about his salary, he told that Rs 250 is given every day. Munshi and other people engaged by departmental engineer Paras Kaithal were talked about regarding this matter, then they told that they have been hired by the engineer to do this work.

From this it comes to the fore that, when the said work has been given to the contractor, then why the departmental engineers are kind to the contractor by employing minor laborers and scribes. It can be easily inferred from this. In this matter, PWD SDO SK Pankra said that the matter has come to the notice. The concerned Engineer Paras Kaithal was removed from here and transferred to Kansabel. It is wrong to make minor laborers work. I inform the departmental officers and get the investigation done.

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