Congress has no work left, it is trying to hide its sins by holding daily conferences – Kedar Gupta

Raipur. BJP State Spokesperson Kedar Gupta retaliated on the Congress press conference and said that how weak, desperate and inactive the Congress has become that instead of going among the public, everyday to hide its sins by making false, factless, baseless allegations against the BJP. She is holding a press conference by seating six spokespersons. Apart from this, the Congress has no other work left. Congress cannot make a lie a truth by lying a million times.

BJP state spokesperson Kedar Gupta said that the mass base and trust of the Congress has ended. Limited to press conference only. Despite being in power, the Congress party is summarizing its work by holding press conferences every other day and extracting new figures. When Congress came to power in Chhattisgarh, they started looting from the very first day. Ever since the scams of the Congress came to the fore, the Congress has been talking lies every day through press conferences.

Kedar Gupta said, if Congress’s allegations had any substance, their government would have been at the Center for 10 years, they would have got the investigation done. Their government is in the state for 4 and a half years, they should have got the investigation done. If there were any facts, they would have presented the documents in the court, there is nothing like that, so she makes journalists sit in her office just to pass the time. His government is leaving after 4 months. Hold press conferences every hour, hold press conferences 24 hours a day, but now the corruption of the Congress has come to the fore, it cannot be suppressed or hidden.

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