Congress leader Nand Kumar Sai’s big statement on UCC, said- the culture and tradition of tribals will not be affected…

Abhishek Mishra, Dhamtari. Senior tribal leader Nand Kumar Sai, who left the Bharatiya Janata Party and joined the Congress, has given a big statement on the Uniform Civil Code. He said that there is no harm to anyone. As for the impact on the culture, tradition and basic customs of the tribals, then I do not think that it will have any effect.

During his stay in Dhamtari, Nand Kumar Sai, in response to a question raised by the media about the Uniform Civil Code, said that it has been a topic (of discussion) since a long time. Talks have been happening above the party. Common Civil Code is a matter of understanding by all. If there is a common uniform policy for all, then no one should be harmed by it, but everyone has to understand. On the opposition of UCC among the tribals, Sai said that it is being said that it will affect the culture, tradition and customs of the tribals, but I think it will not have any effect.

Party cannot decide policy

On the question of different opinion of many leaders in Congress on Uniform Civil Code, Nand Kumar Sai said that it is possible. No party can decide policy on this. Different people may have different views on different subjects. Everyone’s opinion is being collected on UCC. My own opinion is that no class, no sect or any society should be harmed by this, but everyone should think about it.

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