Congress leader’s bad words VIDEO: Told the collector and corporator – ‘Nalayak’, threatened and said – If our government comes….

Dharmendra Yadav, Niwari. Niwari district in-charge and Congress leader Damodar Yadav, who is often in headlines for his statements, has once again given a controversial statement. Attacking the BJP, Damodar Yadav called the officers ‘incompetent’. After using such language for the officers, Congress leader Damodar Das Yadav said that after coming to our government, they will be taught a lesson. He did not stop here, Damodar Yadav attacked Home Minister Narottam Mishra and called him a mosquito.

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Called the collector and corporator useless
Congress leader Damodar Yadav had reached Niwari-Orchha with the message journey of Kamal Nath. During this, while discussing with the media, showing a photo in his mobile, he said, “This is a photo of the RSS program held in Satna yesterday. In this photo Satna Collector and Municipal Commissioner are participating in the RSS program and saluting the RSS flag. If I do not call such officers incompetent then what can I say. He clearly said that such officers are worthless. Taking an oath, he is sitting to serve the public, takes salary from the public money and who is playing the RSS.

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Such officers have to be taught a lesson

Damodar Yadav did not stop here, he said that such officers will have to be explained. Kamal Nath and our party leaders speak only when it is too much and they are doing too much. We will teach a lesson to such officers after our government comes. He said that the Home Minister and the local MLA have created an atmosphere of fear. He said that Congress is the party which was not afraid of the British to liberate India, then why would it be afraid of these mosquitoes. Suddenly turning around, he said that I know that all these are mosquitoes in front of the power of the people.

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Situation strengthened after Scindia’s departure

During the discussion with the media, Damodar Yadav clearly said that our position has strengthened with the departure of Scindia. Because due to Scindia’s stay, the corporator’s ticket was also available from Scindia’s place. The big proof of this is that we did not win the Gwalior Corporation elections in so many years, but after the departure of Scindia, we have won the Gwalior and Morena Corporation Congress. Thanks to BJP for showing Scindia his status.

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