Congress retaliated on Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement, said- RSS people do the gimmick of conversion by wearing priests’ robes…

Neha Kesarwani, Raipur. The Congress has hit out at Union Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement on increasing conversions in Chhattisgarh. Congress spokesperson Sushil Anand Shukla accused the Defense Minister of lying and said that conversion took place in Raman Raj. The RSS people do the gimmick of conversion by wearing the robes of priests. He is a Union Minister, why doesn’t he make a law on this by talking to PM Modi?
It is clear that BJP wants conversion to happen in Chhattisgarh.

Congress Communications Department President Sushil Anand Shukla said on the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Ministers to Chhattisgarh that Union Ministers are coming to Chhattisgarh to fulfill their political objectives. Small-fat ministers often roam here, but they did not tell how much the people of Chhattisgarh would benefit from the schemes of their department. Even the Lok Sabha MPs do not take advantage of his visit in their respective constituencies. Union Ministers are baking bread by coming here only for politics.

On Dr. Raman Singh’s statement that coming of Rahul Baba will not make any difference in Chhattisgarh, Sushil Anand Shukla said that Raman Singh should see what is his condition here. There has been a change in the life of the people of the state under the Congress rule. BJP does not make any leader stand in front of CM Bhupesh. They are not even making Dr. Raman Singh, who was CM for 15 years, a small face.

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