Congress targets ED raids, Sushil Anand said – ED, IT action happens only when Amit Shah comes, what is this relationship called…

Raipur. Regarding the ED raid, Sushil Anand Shukla, head of the Congress communication department, said, BJP does not have any issue in Chhattisgarh. BJP is not able to compete directly with Congress, so action is being taken. The public is understanding that they are lagging behind in front of the popularity of Bhupesh Baghel. BJP’s ED and IT have become one front. When Amit Shah comes, then only ED, IT action takes place. BJP should make it clear what this relationship is called. The people of Chhattisgarh want to know this.

Sushili Anand has raised the question why ED, IT become active even before Amit Shah’s visit. What kind of chronology is this, what is this relationship called. Countering Amit Shah’s visit, Sushil Anand said, the entire Chhattisgarh is a challenge for the BJP. The work done by the Congress government in the last five years has proved the BJP dwarf.

‘BJP does not trust the local’

Sushil Anand said, Chhattisgarh BJP leaders are not in a position to do anything, that’s why Amit Shah is coming, but nothing will happen even with his arrival. All the efforts of Amit Shah will prove futile. On the inclusion of central leaders of BJP in the Congress election committee and local leaders of Congress, Shukla said, the leaders of the state will be included in the election campaign committee of Congress. BJP has put an outsider in charge of the election campaign committee. They don’t trust the local.

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