Crackdown on leopard poachers, nabbed from Odisha

Purushottam Patra, Gariaband. There is a lot of poachers on the Chhattisgarh-Odisha border, there is a lot of guns from the indigenous gun factory, on which the anti-poaching team is continuously working. Raids are being done in different areas. In this episode, one more hunter has been arrested, while 4 hunters are absconding. These hunters used to hunt pigs and leopards. 6 guns and 12 pig jaws have been seized from the poachers.

In fact, an accused who hunted leopard and pig in the forests of Sahaskhol has been arrested by the anti-poaching team of the sanctuary after going to Odisha. 4 have absconded, whose search is on.

After jailing 42 poachers who hunted in the sanctuary in the last 23 days, the Udanti Sitanadi Sanctuary Anti-Poaching Team has now started taking action against the poachers in the general forest division.

Deputy Director Varun Jain told that hunters living in Khaligarh of Kalahandi Dharamgarh range area bordering Rishi Jharan forest of Sahaskhol bit of Devbhog range are continuously hunting. After the information, the department has activated its informers.

On the information of the informer, on June 24, the sanctuary anti-poaching team along with the Kalhandi forest team raided Khaligarh. Varun Jain told that when the investigation was done under the search warrant in Khaligarh, he was killed from the house of Balsingh alias Dola. 12 pig’s jaws, Bharmar pellets, gun powder and other materials used for laying traps have been seized.

Similarly, apart from the house of Pareshwar alias Sira, 6 pieces of ammunition used for hunting have been seized from the neighboring house. Both the above accused and the other two, a total of 4 accused absconded during the search operation, while hunter Dvitaram has been arrested and handed over to Dharamgarh area.

Nodal Officer of Anti Poaching Team Gopal Kashyap, Indagaon Ranger Chandrabali Dhruv, Members of Anti Poaching Team Churaman Dhritalhare, Rakesh Markandeya, Omprakash Rao, Virendra Dhruv, Rishi Dhruv, Bhupendra Bhediya, Faleshwar Dewan, Virendra Dhruv have been successful in the campaign so far. , Suryadev Jagatvanshi, Takeshwar Dewangan, Gunja Dhruv, Rahul Rajput, Vijay Khute, Loku Bastia, Puneet, Devi Singh have made special contributions.

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