CRIME NEWS: Drunken wife killed her husband, then kept treating him at home for four days, this is how it was revealed

Sushil Salam, Kanker. A case of murder has come to light from Amabeda police station. Where the drunken wife killed her husband. Actually, due to a minor domestic dispute in Raigaon of Amabeda, the drunken wife killed her husband with a sharp weapon. When the villagers informed the police about the incident.

After seriously injuring her husband, the woman got him treated at home. While the husband’s head was torn. Fearing to go to the police, the wife kept him at home and started treating him with herbs by tying a bandage on his head. When the husband died four days after the incident, the woman was preparing to perform his last rites in the village itself. But before that the villagers informed the police about it. Due to which the murder was revealed.

Let us tell you that the incident took place five days back on the evening of 16th July. Woman Manki was sitting in her house after drinking alcohol. Meanwhile, husband Sagaram Parachapi reached there. There was a dispute between the two regarding some family matter. Due to this, the woman suddenly lost her temper and attacked her husband with the leg kept in the house. Due to which he got a serious injury on his head and his head was torn. After some time, the woman tied a bandage on her husband’s head and started treating him with herbs. And she didn’t go to the police. After the death of her husband, the villagers informed the police station. Then the matter came to light.

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