Dalljiet Kaur Reacting Suddenly Become Two Teenager MoM After Marrying Nikhil Patel Know Details | Worried while taking care of 3 children? Learn

Dalljiet Kaur Becomes 3 Children’s Mommy: Dalljiet Kaur is married to UK based business man Nikhil Patel. After marriage with Nikhil, Dalljiet Kaur has now become the mother of 3 children. After marriage, suddenly after the responsibility of 1 to three children, the actress has now given her reaction on this.

Settling abroad and raising three children

Daljit has settled abroad after marriage. They are adopting the methods and other things there. Along with this, Daljit has also taken the responsibility of raising a son and two daughters on his shoulders. Daljeet’s son is from her first husband Shaleen Bhanot. On the other hand, the remaining two daughters belong to her husband Nikhil, who is from her first marriage. In such a situation, having three children suddenly after marriage and the responsibility of taking care of them can also be a headache. But Daljeet says that she is enjoying the process. However, she also says that sometimes she feels like Kajol of happiness and sometimes of sorrow.

Dalljiet sometimes feels like Kajol of happiness, sometimes of sorrow

Daljeet, who shifted to Kenya after marriage, is very happy with her small family. Along with this comes the responsibility of the family. In such a situation, she is also raising all three children firmly. According to ETimes, he told how his life is going abroad. Daljeet tells that her daughters’ nature is new to her. In such a situation, it took time to know them well. His life has its own rules. They know everything but know nothing. She tells that Ariana is very close to her. She is associated with Indian culture, she knows how to respect everyone’s culture.

Dalljiet told how daughter asks to react in front of friends

Dalljiet said that her daughter instructs her that ‘when her friends come, I should not come there’. I can’t hug her in front of friends ‘. She told- ‘I am a Punjabi over loud mom, so I am learning from Nikhil. Being a mother of a teenager is difficult. In such a situation, sometimes it seems as if I am the Kajol of sometimes happiness and sometimes sorrow. Dalljiet says that she has no idea what to expect or not, but she wants to spend the rest of her life with Nikhil.

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