Dark under the lamp! 132 KV electric sub station in the village, still the villagers are in darkness for three days, water supply also stalled, fighting for water

Sarangarh-Bilaigarh. Kotri village adjacent to the city has 132 KV electric substation. About 700 rural families are forced to face the humid heat and severe water crisis due to power failure in half of the same village for three days. This condition of the village is giving meaning to the proverb ‘darkness under the lamp’. To quench their thirst, rural women and children are fighting for water by gathering in ponds and handpumps.

Actually, the transformer installed in the village has been lying defective for the last three days. Due to which the situation of blackout has remained in half the village due to stoppage of power supply. The villagers are angry because the situation remained the same despite informing the JE of the Electricity Board about the transformer failure. According to the villagers, for the last three days, electricity supply has stopped in half the village due to transformer fault. Due to which the situation of severe water crisis has been created due to stoppage of water supply.

Villagers fight

The mutual harmony in the village is deteriorating due to the situation of fighting along with the debate among the women regarding filling of water. Students and villagers have to face a lot of problems due to power outage. At the same time, there is a fear among the villagers that insects and insects should not bite anyone in the dark. Due to the apathy of the electricity department and the silence of the elected public representatives, the villagers are living in darkness for the last three days.

same rote answer

However, the entire matter was discussed with Narendra Nayak, executive engineer of the Electricity Department. During this, he told that the assistant engineer has been instructed to solve the problem by arranging the transformer soon. Now it has to be seen how much the employees obey their superiors and till when the villagers get rid of the darkness?

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