Dead body of young man found in pieces in plastic bags in waterfall, missing report was lodged in police station a month ago…

Ajay Suryavanshi, Jashpur. Sensation has spread in the area after a decomposed body was found in several pieces in two plastic sacks near Churi Falls. The dead body is being told that of the missing youth a month back. Narayanpur police station has gathered in the investigation of the case.

The rotten dead body found near Churi Falls has been identified as that of Ramchandra, a resident of Jhargaon, Bartoli Narayanpur police station area. On June 20, the missing report of the youth was lodged in Sonkyari police station.

The case has taken a new turn after the young man’s dead body was found in several pieces in a plastic sack. According to the police, the Churi waterfall belongs to Narayanpur police station area, but the complaint of missing has been registered in Sonkyari police station.

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