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Mandira Bedi Raj Kaushal Love Story: Whether the screen is small or big or the playground, her beauty has been seen everywhere. We are talking about Mandira Bedi, who does not need any introduction. The more Mandira remains in headlines for her beauty, the more interesting her love story is. Actually, Mandira had lost her love i.e. Raj Kaushal forever. Let us introduce you to his love story.

This is how the first meeting happened

The love story of Raj Kaushal and Mandira Bedi is no less than a film story. Actually, the love story of both of them also started on the sets of the film. Once Raj was taking audition for the TV show ‘Philips-10’, where Mandira also reached to audition. Raj was already convinced of Mandira Bedi’s ability and when their eyes collided during the audition, their car started on the love track.

Raj falls in love with Mandira

After the audition, the process of meeting Mandira and Raj started. At the same time, by the end of the year 1996, both became serious for each other. Alam was that only after three meetings both of them got ready to make each other their partner. After this, Raj Kaushal introduced Mandira to his parents.

The family members of Mandira barely agreed

Seeing the love of son Raj, his family immediately agreed to this relationship. However, Raj Kaushal had to make a lot of papad to convince Mandira’s parents. Actually, it was his wish that he would marry his daughter only and only to the director. Raj made a lot of papad to persuade them, after which both agreed to marry. Please tell that Raj and Mandira took seven rounds on Valentine’s Day and held each other’s hand forever. However, the string of life has separated them forever. On June 30, 2021, Raj said goodbye to this world. Raj may have left this world, but Mandira still seems immersed in his love and continues to express her love on social media.

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