Deepika Kakar Revealed Why She Has Premature Delivery Also Shared Her Experience Regarding Delivery

Dipika Kakar On Premature Delivery: TV’s most popular actress Deepika Kakkar and her actor husband Shoaib Ibrahim became parents on 21 June. The actress has given birth to a premature baby. At present, Deepika has not been discharged from the hospital and her new born baby boy is also in NICU. Amidst all this, Deepika revealed in her latest vlog that why she had a premature delivery?

Deepika revealed why premature delivery happened
Deepika Kakkar told in her latest vlog, “We returned home after Shoaib’s birthday dinner at around 1.45 am. We changed and I was lying down when I felt a rush of water. Earlier it used to happen that when the baby pushes its head inwards, you have no control over your urine. I thought that was it. I went to the washroom and saw that it was like water, colourless.

I felt cramps similar to what happens during periods. I felt it for the first time. Shoaib came and I was sharing my experience that this happened again and I got a little alert. When I lay down, the flow of water increased and I sat straight. I panicked because it was not natural. Then when I woke up, my dress and bedsheet were looking pink. I got scared. I asked Shoaib to call the doctor. When I went to clean myself, I saw blood on the wipes. I was shocked to see it.

the doctors called the hospital
Deepika further said, “Around 3 o’clock the doctor advised us to come to the hospital and said that delivery can happen. I felt like crying, I was upset and many thoughts were coming in my mind. I said, ‘Why blood?’ Shoaib looked at me and paused for a while. He told me to keep calm and asked for the hospital bag. We had our scan on 22nd June so we were not ready for the hospital bag. We left again.

Deepika told that when she was sitting in the car, she was talking to her child. She shared, “I sat in the car and talked to the child and asked him to move. I was very scared and then she shook a bit. Then I handled myself and everyone told me not to panic during delivery. It is very important for the mother to remain calm, then the process becomes easy.

Feeling relieved when baby’s ECG came normal
Deepika further says, “After that I was in a mood of full fun in the car. In between, the pain increased. By the time I reached the OT the pain was at intervals of 15 minutes. The ECG of the child was done and we came to know that it was normal. After that I felt relaxed. I had many thoughts in my mind but I remained calm. I was also very happy to see Saba and Sunny. I always wanted him to be there and he was there.

had to change the hospital
My pains kept increasing and the doctors advised delivery and then we had to change the hospital as the other hospital did not have a NICU. My doctor also came. When I was taken to the OT, Shoaib was sent to change his dress. I wanted him to be there. I saw my doctor and I just cried because I felt relieved. I simply asked him if my child would be fine. They assured me and said that the baby will be kept in NICU as it is a premature delivery.

Deepika enjoyed the time of delivery a lot
Deepika further says, “I had decided to enjoy my delivery. I wanted to remember my delivery. I was very talkative. I was talking, laughing. I kept asking about Shoaib. They call the husband after giving the epidural and covering you with warm clothes. You may feel a little dizzy after the epidural. The anesthetist was very nice. When the doctor was about to take the baby out, she asked us to guess the gender. I thought it would be a boy. We had already decided the name and I mentioned Shoaib’s name.

That moment of life, you cannot describe. The feelings between me and Shoaib cannot be expressed. He said, “Deepi, she is so cute.” He clicked pictures and then the doctor wrapped her in a cover and gave it to me and every moment was priceless.

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