Deepika Kakar Shoaib Ibrahim Son Ruhaan Turns One Month Old Bua Saba Plan Special Surprise | Dipika Kakar turns one month old

Dipika-Shoaib Son One Month Old: There is an atmosphere of happiness in TV’s most popular couple Deepika Kakkar and Shoaib Ibrahim’s house these days. In fact, on June 21, the couple became parents of a baby boy. Deepika had an emergency C-section delivery. After which his premature son was also kept in NICU for a few weeks. Recently Deepika and Shoaib had brought their beloved home after getting them discharged from the hospital. Meanwhile, the couple had also revealed their son’s name Ruhaan in a unique gesture. At the same time, Deepika and Shoaib’s little prince has turned one month old. This Khushi Bua Saba has also planned a lovely surprise for nephew Ruhaan.

Shoaib shows glimpse of parenting in latest vlog
Shoaib has shared a glimpse of his and Deepika’s parenting in his latest vlog. And in this video, New Daz Shoaib Ibrahim is seen taking his beloved sons to his mother’s house. The video also gives a glimpse of the gifts that Ruhaan has received from the family members. In these gifts, Ruhan’s father i.e. Shoaib Ibrahim also gets a T-shirt. On which it was written ‘Tere Vaaste Kuch Bhi Chhotu’ and everyone is surprised to see it.

Ruhaan gets a surprise from his aunt when he turns one month old
In the video, Shoaib and Dipika can be seen celebrating Ruhaan’s one month birthday with their family members. The actor says that he and Deepika were discussing how a month passed by so quickly. However, Shoaib’s sister had also planned a lovely surprise for her nephew. Actually, in the video, when Ruhaan was one month old, a tasty cake was also shown, which was in powder blue color and was of the shape of 1. It also had some decorations of white whipped cream and colorful sprinkles. ‘Happy one month Ruhaan’ was written on the cake. In the video, Ruhaan’s lovely parents are seen cutting the cake.

Deepika and Shoaib got married in the year 2018
Further in the video, Shoaib is seen saying that he is not getting time after the arrival of the child because one month was very troublesome. Because of this, there is no time for vlogging as well. Please tell that Deepika and Shoaib fell in love with each other while working on the set. After this the couple dated for some time and got married in the year 2018. After 5 years of marriage, the couple has become parents of a son.

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