Deepika Padukone First Thing When She Enter In Hotel Room Actress Do Feng Shui

Deepika Padukone Feng Shui Of The Hotel Room: Deepika Padukone’s style is different in films, but in real life also her style is unique. How? From dressing sense to script choice is of every star, but what makes Deepika different is her choosy in everything.,

Deepika is also choosy about the things kept in her hotel room?

Deepika Padukone has recently revealed that whenever she stays out of town, she does a special thing as soon as she enters the hotel room, which is one of her habits. Deepika has a habit of setting things according to her own, in such a situation, she does some such work in the hotel to make herself feel at home.

Deepika Padukone likes to do Feng Shui

According to Curly Tales, Deepika Padukone tells that she changes the Feng Shui of the room. ‘There are many things in the room which I do not like to see basically, so I remove them from their place and keep them somewhere where they are not visible to me. These are the things that do not reach my energy level. I start this work only as soon as I check in the room.

What is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui is an English word made up of two words, which means – wind and water. Keeping Feng Shui in mind, keeping any thing inside the house reduces things related to Vastu defects. In this way the problems end. In such a situation, Deepika Padukone also believes a lot in this Feng Shui and always follows it. Deepika told that she is very systematic, she always carries a suitcase with her, which contains all the things she needs.

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