Demand for the removal of the CEO: District Panchayat Barwani and party presidents wrote a letter to the cabinet minister, know what is the whole matter

Sameer Sheikh, Barwani. The presidents of Janpad Panchayat Barwani and Janpad Panchayat Party have demanded the removal of two Janpad Panchayat CEOs, regarding which they have written a letter to Madhya Pradesh government cabinet minister and Barwani MLA Prem Singh Patel. Giving a written complaint to the cabinet minister, he has demanded removal from public representatives for indecency, negligence in implementation of schemes, other works and transfer to another place.

Barwani district panchayat vice-president Ranjit Vaskale said that Barwani president Bhunti Bai husband Pappu Patel, while giving a written complaint to the cabinet minister on a letter-pet, NS Chauhan, chief executive officer, district panchayat Barwani, posted in Barwani district panchayat, behaved indecently with the local public representatives. Is. There is negligence in the implementation of government welfare schemes. Their functioning is not good, looking at the functioning of the Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Barwani, they have been demanded to be transferred elsewhere.

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President of Janpad Panchayat Party, Thansingh Saste also gave a letter saying that Ravi Muvel, CEO, Janpad Panchayat Party posted in Janpad Panchayat Party, misbehaves with the local public representatives, as well as negligence in the implementation of public welfare schemes of the government. . Their functioning is not good, they should be removed from Pati district. Cabinet Minister Barwani MLA Premsingh Patel has taken the letters of both the district panchayat presidents and assured them of appropriate action.

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