Demonstration of Congressmen against inflation, MLA Vikas Upadhyay said – Modi government increased inflation to benefit industrialists

Nitin Namdev, Raipur. A unique demonstration of Congress against inflation was seen in the capital Raipur. Parliamentary Secretary and MLA Vikas Upadhyay demonstrated today while eating food sitting on the road. In this demonstration, women were seen cooking food in the chulha and parliamentary secretary Vikas Upadhyay was seen eating tomatoes and roti.

A large number of Congress leaders and workers also participated in the demonstration. Talking to the media, Parliamentary Secretary Vikas Upadhyay said, this is not a protest, it is the suffering of the common man. Congress is working to wake up the Bharatiya Janata Party. He is doing the work of telling how the plate of a common man’s house is decorated. Inflation has increased so much in the country that every person is troubled by inflation. In such inflation, man cannot buy vegetables, he is just feeling.

MLA Upadhyay said, he is doing the work of telling the Bharatiya Janata Party the cost of food in a kitchen. BJP is working in this way to benefit some selected businessmen and to benefit industrialists. There was no such inflation in the history of India. Whenever the prices of onions and tomatoes used to increase, even then their leader Rajnath Singh used to agitate sitting on top of the tank. All the leaders used to agitate, today the conditions of the people’s house have shaken due to inflation. He is not able to speak that is why we are feeling this thing.

He said, can’t buy tomatoes so are feeling. The Congress party is constantly fighting a street battle against price rise and will continue to do similar agitations in the future.

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