Desi Talk: Higher Education Minister Umesh Patel said politics is a difficult task, said- Here every man judges you…

Raipur. Politics is a very difficult job. Earlier I was in corporate job, there only your boss judges you, but here every single person judges you. How are you getting up, how are you sitting. What are you eating, what are you drinking. Everything has a judgement. In this sense, it is a very difficult task. Higher Education Minister Umesh Patel said this in a discussion with Sandeep Akhil in ‘Desi Talk’.

In the ‘Desi Talk’ program of NEWS 24 Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh, Higher Education Minister Umesh Patel along with Consultant Editor Sandeep Akhil discussed various issues. On the question of handling his father’s political legacy after his death, he said that the day this incident (Jheeram Valley) happened, he felt responsible. Came to Raipur from the village at the time of the incident. The condition I saw of my mother made me realize my responsibility. The feeling of that responsibility gave me the strength to stand up.

Giving information about his work as Higher Education Minister, he said that when I got the responsibility of the department, first of all we had a brain storming session, in which we got information about the shortcomings of the department. Lack of regular staff, lack of quality staff, there was no sense of competition. Tried to remove all these things by marking them.

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