Dharmendra Co Star Jayalalithaa Had 10 Thousand Sarees Watches Silver Gold In Lacs Indias Richest Actress Of Entertainment Industry

India’s Richest Actress Of Entertainment Industry: Jayalalithaa still resides in the hearts of her loved ones in the name of ‘Amma’. Jai Lalitha started her career with South films. At the same time, he also tried his luck in Hindi cinema. Jayalalithaa’s first Hindi film was with star Dharmendra. Jayalalithaa was seen romancing Dharmendra in the 1968 film ‘Izzat’.

Jayalalithaa’s career in South Cinema was at its peak.and

He worked with renowned actors like NT Rama Rao, Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Jaishankar and MG Ramachandran during his time. Within no time, Jayalalithaa had become the top actress of the South Industry of the 70s. Jayalalithaa had put a break on her career when she was the top actress of the industry. Jayalalithaa had switched her career towards politics. At that time Jayalalithaa was 30 years old.

There was a rise in career

In the year 1980, she took a big decision regarding her career and joined politics. Because of his popularity, people liked to choose him as their leader. Jayalalithaa also gave a lot of love and respect to her people. And did all the work for his voters. In such a time, a time came when his people started calling him Amma.

When gold worth lakhs was found with Jayalalitha!

Now Jayalalithaa had a lot of status and money. According to a report in ‘DNA’, in the year 1997, Jayalalithaa’s political career was at its peak. During this, some officials raided his Chennai home ‘Poes Garden Residence’. During this, it was revealed that he had a lot of property. There were 10 thousand 500 sarees, 750 pairs of shoes and 91 watches in it. There were also reports of 800 kg silver and 28 kg gold.

After this, once again such an occasion came when Jayalalithaa was tightened. In the year 2016, there was another investigation in which it was revealed that he had 1250 kg silver and 21 kg gold. Jayalalithaa left the world at the age of 68. He died on December 2016.

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