Dholu can reveal the secret of bookies: Links of Dholu and Papin have been found in Akash’s mobile, here the bookies are circling the bosses, know the whole matter…

Ravi Goyal, Sakti. The sudden action of the police in the betting stronghold has increased the concern of the bookies. The bookies are now visiting the SP office and police stations through their masters, so that they can run their business fearlessly by persuading the SP, but it has come to know from the sources that the SP has rejected their application.

On the other hand, the special team of the police is investigating the link of other bookies found from the mobile of the bookie who was caught from the Hero showroom yesterday. Yesterday, the special team of Sakti police caught Akash Agarwal red handed for online betting, whose mobile was found to be sharing transactions and betting information through WhatsApp with two other bookies Dholu and Papin. Since then, the special team of Sakti police is engaged in finding these two. Both have switched off their mobiles and gone underground.

Police can reach big crocodiles through Dholu

In fact, the evidence of betting transactions with two persons named Dholu and Papin from the mobile of bookie Akash Agarwal, who was caught from Sakti’s Hero showroom, is in the hands of the police. After this the police is searching for both of them, but both have gone underground. According to the information received, Dholu’s contact is connected with many big bookies of Shakti. If the police succeed in catching it, then many big crocodiles of the satta market can be exposed.

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