Dipika Kakar And Shoaib Ibrahim Shared Extremely Romantic Their First Picture After Baby Arrival In Their Life

Dipika Kakar And Shoaib Ibrahim First Pic After Baby Arrives: Shoaib Ibrahim is very romantic and caring husband. Not only Deepika, Deepika’s fans also say this. Shoaib could not give special time to Deepika during her pregnancy due to his shooting. But now the actor has decided that he will give maximum time to Deepika. In such a situation, for the first time since having a baby, he has shared a very romantic photo with his wife Deepika, in which he was seen talking very sweetly about his parenthood.

Deepika and Shoaib shared this picture
Deepika Kakkar and Shoaib are seen very close to each other in the photo. Deepika is seen resting on the hospital bed, while husband Shoaib is seen sitting next to Deepika on a stool and hugging her head in a very caring manner.

Seeing this photo, all the fans are taking their eyes off her. This is the first time since being a baby that Shoaib and Dipika have been seen together like this. In such a situation, this is a very exciting picture for the fans. With this photo, Deepika and Shoaib have written in the caption – ‘The Parenthood Journey Begins’. In her post, Deepika Shoaib wrote the date of birth of her child – 21 June 2023 and said that now the life of our ‘parents’ begins.

Shoaib had taken this decision for Deepika
Let me tell you, for Deepika, Shoaib had decided to leave his running show Ajuji. However, Deepika forbade him from taking such a big decision. The reason behind Shoaib’s doing this was that he now wanted to give all his time to Deepika. He had told in one of his videos that he did not give time to Deepika during her pregnancy, but now after pregnancy, a wife needs her husband the most. Everyone can take care of the child but only the husband can take care of the wife.

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