Dipika Kakar Delivery Time Husband Shoaib Ibrahim Share A Video Of That Special Day Video

Shoaib Ibrahim Video: Actor Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim are in Happy Space. He is enjoying parenthood. The couple became parents of a son on 21 June. This was Deepika’s premature delivery. Deepika is still in the hospital. Her baby will stay in NICU for one more week. Now Shoaib Ibrahim has shared the video on YouTube. In the video, he told about what happened on 21 and 22 June.

Deepika’s condition was like this on the night of delivery

It was shown in the video that around 3 o’clock in the night, Shoaib took Deepika to the hospital. There Shoaib and Deepika came to know that there is no NICU for the child in this hospital. So he shifted to the hospital. In the video, Deepika is accompanied by her mother and sister-in-law. In the video, Deepika is telling that she is having mild pain. The pain is being tolerated now.

Shoaib was with Deepika all the time

After this Deepika was taken to another hospital. Where Deepika’s delivery took place. At the time of delivery, Shoaib was also present in the operation theater with Deepika. Everyone distributed sweets after Dipika had a baby and congratulated Shoaib and Deepika. After this everyone came to meet him. When Deepika’s mother-in-law came to meet, the emotional moment of both mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was also captured in the camera. Deepika rested completely on the first day. From the second day he started walking a little. She also went to meet her baby.

The entire video was a roller coaster ride of happiness and emotions. Shoaib asks Dipika how she felt, to which Dipika says she liked it very much. Baby’s crying sound is the best thing that you hear in your whole life.

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