Dipika Kakar Not Discharged From The Hospital Even After A Week Of Delivery Husband Shoaib Ibrahim Revealed Reason

Dipika Not Discharged From Hospital: TV’s most popular couple Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar became parents of a baby boy on 21 June. Deepika has given birth to a premature baby and her child is in NICU since then. On the other hand, Shoaib Ibrahim keeps sharing updates about the health of the actress and his new born with the fans. Recently, Shoaib had told that his son’s health is improving every day and he hopes that he will be able to bring his beloved home soon. Amidst all this, Shoaib Ibrahim has revealed in his latest vlog that why Dipika Kakar is still in the hospital?

Why is Dipika Kakar still in the hospital?
It has been almost a week for Deepika’s delivery but she has not been discharged from the hospital yet. Talking about this, Shoaib Ibrahim revealed that he is in the hospital as he has to feed the child. He told that he lives in Mira Road and the hospital is in Bandra. Bringing milk thrice a day is very uncomfortable and hence Dipika Kakar is still in the hospital.

In the video, Shoaib further says, “Day by day the child is improving a lot. One reason for the delay in Deepika’s discharge is that she has to feed her milk to the child. Although the doctor said that we can bring, but we live in Mira Road and the hospital is in Bandra, it will take a lot of time. It is practically not possible to deliver milk three times a day. That’s why we are still here.”

Shoaib gave an update on his son’s health.
Shoaib further says that on the day his son was born, he thought that maybe he would be kept in NICU for 3 to 4 days but it has been a week and maybe the baby can stay for 6-7 more days. Nothing critical. Slowly the baby’s oxygen mask will be removed and it will be seen how he breathes normally.

Gradually the quantity of baby’s milk will also be increased. Then it will be seen how much he is able to digest it. Presently milk is being given to him through IV only. After that oral milk will be started. Then breast feed will be done. This whole process is taking time. Although there is nothing to worry about, but we also feel that it is strange for the parents to see anyone’s child there. But I am glad that there is improvement in it. We can pray that he gets well soon and we take him with us.

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