DIpika Kakar Revealed Her Reaction After Her First Meeting With Shah Rukh Khan In Mannat | When Dipika Kakar met Shah Rukh Khan for the first time in ‘Mannat’, how was the actress meeting King Khan? said

Dipika Kakar meeting with SRK: Deepika Kakkar is one of the most popular actresses of TV and she has played a variety of characters in TV shows. She started her career as an airhostess but due to health problems she had to leave this job. However, Deepika’s fate had something else in store for her and things changed for her when she tried her hand at acting. Sometime back, in an interview, Deepika talked about her meeting with the King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan in Mannat, her journey and days of struggle.

Deepika Kakkar was very excited on her first meeting with Shahrukh Khan
Deepika Kakkar recalled her first meeting with Shah Rukh Khan and said that the day when I had to meet Shah Rukh Khan sir, I remember I was neither feeling hungry nor seeing anyone. I remember Jaya Ojha ji was playing the role of my on-screen mother in the show and I was sharing a room with her. She was teasing me that day and she was troubling me so much because I was not paying attention to anyone, I didn’t want to eat or talk to anyone. I was very happy that I was going to Mannat. It was like a big moment. One, you are in Mumbai and you are getting such a big launch and then you are going to Shahrukh Khan’s house. It was a different level of excitement.

Shah Rukh Khan’s co-actor Deepika Kakkar was called
Deepika further said, “Have to agree as we say why someone becomes a star, he deserves everything. No matter how much praise you hear about him, he justifies every word. When we entered, refreshments were kept for the entire team by Mannat. We setup the whole thing and at that time Ashwini was a part of Yardi Ma’am channel. She was already upstairs with Shah Rukh and someone came up and said, “Sir apne co-actor se milna chahte hai sun ke main behad ho gayi… (laughs). Meri hawaiyan ud gayi mujhe co-actor bola gaya ye sunke…”

Deepika further said, “Till date I could not get this thing out of my mind that I was called his co-actor. He was very sweet and called me upstairs to meet him. He said let me meet him before starting the shoot. I went up and met him and I can never forget that glimpse of him in my life. I still remember his eyes, he was getting ready and he leaned to one side and looked at me.

Deepika teases husband Shoaib after meeting Shahrukh
Deepika further says that her husband Shoaib is a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan and he has not met him yet. I tease him a lot about the fact that Shoaib has not met you. I keep pulling his leg. After that I never met him. When he came for Bigg Boss, I had talked to him once through “Me TV”. That day of Sasural Simar Ka was an ‘iconic day’ for me because I really like Shahrukh Khan. There is no one to break them…”

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