Dipika Kakar Shared Importance Of Wearing Maternity Belt After Delivery In Her Latest Vlog

Dipika Kakar On Her Postpartum Health: Dipika Kakar and her husband Shoaib Ibrahim became parents of a son on 21 June. At present, the most popular couple of TV is enjoying parenting with their little Prince Ruhaan. The actress had an emergency C-section delivery, and gave birth to a premature son. After which his New Born Baby Boy was also in NICU for a few weeks. Although Dipika and Shoaib brought their child home on 10 July. Since then, he is constantly sharing updates about his son. On the other hand, Deepika has shared her postpartum health update in her latest vlog.

Deepika reveals the reason behind deleting her previous vlog
In the beginning of the video, Deepika Kakkar told why she had to delete her previous vlog. The new mom said that she accidentally revealed Ruhaan’s name before the son’s name reveal ceremony, so she had to delete her vlog.

Dipika Kakar shares her postpartum health update
Further in the vlog, Deepika Kakkar talked about her postpartum journey. She gave an update of her health to her fans and told that the journey from conception to postpartum was very good. He told that now he needs to be more alert because the healing process is going on in his body. Deepika told that she has to be very careful about her food and drink as she is also feeding the child.

Deepika Kakkar is taking healthy foods
Talking about her diet, the actress said that she is taking milk as well as dry-fruits for strength. Deepika told that her mother suggested her to eat porridge, so she follows everything suggested by her family. Deepika told that she is taking care of herself so that the child remains healthy.

Deepika Kakkar also talked about her C-section pain
In this vlog, Dipika Kakar also talked about her C-section pain. The actress told that the pain is negligible now and there is some sensitivity around the abdominal skin and uterus. Deepika also told that she started wearing maternity support belt from 7-8 days after delivery. Talking about its importance, Deepika said that it is very important to hold the stomach after delivery because if it hangs down, it is difficult to get back in form.

Deepika Kakkar started walking
Talking about her healthy routine, Deepika told that she has started walking for 30 minutes and will soon start walking on the treadmill. The new mom revealed that the doctor told her to drink ajwain water as it prevents gastric problems for her and Ruhaan.

How Deepika is adjusting to her son’s sleeping schedule
In the vlog, Dipika Kakar further explained how she is dealing with Ruhaan’s sleeping schedule. He mentioned that he and Shoaib are still busy setting up a routine as it’s only been a week. Deepika told that she is still adjusting with Ruhaan. Talking about how she is managing her sleep, Deepika revealed that she wakes up with her son every three hours and feeds him.

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