Disclosure of robbery from businessman in the capital: Three accused arrested, got 21 lakhs transferred to accounts at gunpoint

Ajay Sharma, Bhopal. The Crime Branch has disclosed the case of robbery at gun point from Madurai’s plastic trader in the capital Bhopal and has put the three accused behind bars. The vicious accused had contacted a big plastic businessman of Madurai over the phone and called him to Bhopal on the pretext of showing the goods and then sitting in a car from the airport road, carried out a huge robbery of Rs 21 lakh at gunpoint with the businessman.

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The accused had got Rs 21 lakh transferred online from the businessman to different accounts and fled leaving the victim midway on the Indore highway. Crime Branch said that B Satheesh is a resident of Madurai and deals in plastic goods. A person was talking to him about giving goods through WhatsApp for the last 4 months. On the pretext of showing the goods, the businessman was called to Bhopal and then on June 21, the businessman was kidnapped and looted from near Bhopal airport. Along with this, the businessman’s mobile was also spoiled. Somehow the traders reached Madurai from Indore and from there again came to Bhopal and lodged a complaint.

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Seeing the seriousness of the matter, the police arrested the accused on the basis of vehicle number in just 24 hours. Crime Branch said that the accused had abducted the victim and held her hostage in a house in Vidisha district and the four people had divided the looted amount among themselves. The landlord has also been made an accused in the case.

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