Discussion on no-confidence motion continues in the House, Minister Mohd. Akbar targeted BJP, said- PM Modi presented wrong image of Chhattisgarh…

Raipur. The discussion on the motion of no confidence is going on in the assembly. Minister Mohammad Akbar said that the wrong image of Chhattisgarh has been presented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There has been a decrease in violence against women in Chhattisgarh, be it rape incidents or other domestic violence, all have registered a decline.

Without naming the BJP, he said that the leader had said that stop eating commission for one year and the government will come back. Everyone is seeing the situation that has happened today. He asked the opposition whether the BJP fulfilled all its promises. By writing the name of the department, only scam has been written in front of it.

He said that the opposition has only written about forest scam, whereas forest areas have increased in Chhattisgarh. There has been an increase of 109 square kilometers in the forest area. A total of 1107 square kilometers has been increased by the trees planted along the river, roads and other places. The opposition has given 44 scams and 110 allegations in writing, which is irrational. The minister gave information about getting 211 crore revenue annually by installing the barrier.

Minister Akbar also mentioned the scams in the Raman government. He said that there were authentic scams in the Raman government. In the history of India, the work of selling the dam was done. There are many scams like the Rogda dam scam in Janjgir district. He bought paddy during the discussion and talked about loan waiver. The minister also told the figures of loan waiver. He also told the figures of loan waiver received by BJP MLAs.

He said that the Prime Minister took the name of Chhattisgarh in his statement regarding the incident in Manipur. While the crime against women in the state decreased by 15 percent. In cases of physical violence, there were 34 percent cases during the BJP government, which has come down to 32.9 percent. Dowry death cases have come down from 79 to 65. The cases of rape have reduced from 2119 to 1093. This is the report of the National Family Health Survey.

Akbar said that Naxalism has been mentioned in the charge sheet, while the Jhiram Valley massacre took place during the BJP government. 27 Congress leaders were martyred. An IAS was kidnapped in the BJP government. He was released after signing a written agreement, but this agreement has not come out till date. Culture was being talked about. During the BJP government, Kareena Kapoor was called, then it was not a scam.

Mohammad Akbar said that no amount is received from the Government of India for the purchase of paddy. Chhattisgarh government takes loan through Markfed. Paddy is bought through committees. The rice that goes to the Central Bridge after custom milling, then gets money for it. The Chhattisgarh government is giving money for the Rajiv Gandhi Justice Scheme. Had BJP started this scheme, it would have been named after Deendayal or Atal-Advani. It can be understood from the name itself that when the scheme is named after Rajiv Gandhi, then only the state government will give its money.

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