Doctor’s Day Special: These doctors became angels in the absence of Devbhog, their steps did not waver even in difficult times, really became ‘God of the Earth’ for the patients

Doctor’s Day: Purushottam Patra, Gariyaband. Amidst the lack of health facilities, there are some doctors whose service and dedication is no less than a boon for the patients. Perhaps that’s why people call him the God of the earth. With time, the government has given the status of civil hospital to Devbhog CHC, but the facilities have not been increased even in two years according to this status. There should have been more than 50 beds and at least 10 doctors, but both these things are missing. But in the midst of severe scarcity, some opportunistic people started looking for their benefit in this too, while some such hardworking doctors also emerged, seeing their service and dedication, people gave them the status of God on earth. Today, on Doctor’s Day, we are going to tell you about these dedicated doctors.

Dr. Sunil Reddy… This name has become a well-known name for this region. Dr. Reddy took his entire education from Raipur. After completing his doctorate in 2016, Sunil Raipur was serving in AIIMS. Father Sudama Reddy was serving in the Forest Department while living in Devbhog for 30 years. He wished that his son should serve in this backward area. Along with his father, Sunil was also familiar with the conditions of Devbhog. He expressed his desire to serve the Devbhog in front of the government. He was posted as Medical Officer in Devbhog Hospital in November 2020 during the full Corona period. Corona was on pickup. But Dr. Reddy did not let his disability come in the way of service. Amidst critical conditions, he treated more than 800 corona victims throughout the season, keeping himself safe. In November 2022, Devbhog got the charge of BMO, since then apart from treating patients, he is also engaged in administrative work.

Corona positive 2 times, duty 24 hours instead of 8

In Devbhog Civil Hospital, instead of 8, only 3 medical officers are posted. Dr. Prakash Sahu, posted in Devbhog CHC, became positive twice during the Corona period. Despite being positive, he got the patient admitted to the Covid Center in his private car, wearing the kit several times. A population of one and a half lakh is dependent on this hospital. Everyday 100 to 150 people come for treatment. There are also 20 recruitments daily. Due to shortage of doctors, duty has to be done for 24 hours instead of 8 hours. Despite the adverse conditions, Dr. Prakash Sahu has been serving with full dedication in the Devbhog Hospital since 2019.

RBSY team arrived as an angel

Dr. Suryakant Sahu, Dr. Devika Sahu, Dr. Keshav Soni and their team members posted under the National Child Health Program (RBSY) are identifying children suffering from heart disease, examining them and then getting them treated successfully. Due to lack of information, the parents of children suffering from this area do not take heart disease seriously at first. Then barely ready to investigate. After the reports come, understand their seriousness. In the same month, Chingrabhantha’s 7-year-old daughter Yogendri Sori underwent open heart surgery. Doctors say that after diagnosing the disease, it took a month to persuade the spinach to get tested. The team also took approval from the government for open heart surgery in the capital’s hospital. When the date came near, the father again refused for the operation. The doctors of the team explained to the parents for several rounds. After which the girl had a successful free open heart surgery in June. When the doctors returned home after taking the daughter safely, the family members performed her aarti like a god and started worshiping her. The team has so far identified 78 congenital heart patients by continuously visiting schools and Anganwadis in the area. Out of these 30 were successfully operated. The rest are being cured with normal treatment.

DD Thakur doing human service for 30 years

Apart from the government, some doctors running private clinics are also providing first aid services by treating them in their pathy. Dr. DD Thakur is doing treatment since last 30 years. Apart from this, they are also contributing in the government scheme. Recently, in a function organized in the capital, Health Minister TS Singhdev gave him the honor of Nikshay Mitra for his special contribution to the Tuberculosis program. He is the only private doctor to get this honor in the district.

left salary of 50 thousand

Manish Tiwari, 24, completed his optometrist studies in 2021. He also completed his training at Hyderabad’s renowned Eye Institute LV Prasad. Started working in the capital with a salary of 30 thousand, which reached 50 thousand in a year. Growing up in Devbhog, Manish decided to serve the poverty stricken Devbhog area. Leaving the job 3 months back, Manish started his own vision center. People had to run to Rajdhani or Odisha for eye checkup. Now this service is available locally. And Dr Arvind Tiwari is also giving his services in the field for the last 15 years. Due to which people are getting benefitted.

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