Dress code for entering the temple: In this temple of MP, men wearing half pants, capri-lower will not get entry, it is mandatory for women to cover their heads

Mukesh Mishra, Ashoknagar. On the lines of the famous temples of the country, a dress code has also been issued for the devotees in the temple of Ashoknagar district. This decision has been taken after the decision of the Sarva Samaj in the famous Tara Wale Balaji Temple located in the district. People have been appealed to wear modest clothes and come to the temple for darshan. A few days ago a meeting of people from all communities was organized in the city. It was decided in the meeting that the society will work against the evils spread in the city and society. It was only after this that it was decided that the people in the temple should come within the limits.

After the decision of Sarva Samaj, a banner related to this has been put up outside the temple. It is clearly written that men should not come to the temple wearing capri, half pant or lower. Women should also enter the temple with their heads covered. If the devotees are to be believed then they are also supporting it. They say that when there is a dress code for going to discos in big cities, then why not in temples.

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Adopting foreign costumes in India

They say that the temple is the center of our faith. In which a glimpse of our culture should be visible. Foreigners are adopting the costumes of our country and where are we going. On the other hand, the committee by which this decision has been taken believes that we have not imposed any ban, only appealed to the people and people are also following it.

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The temple is 200 years old

The famous temple of the city which is famous by the name of Tara Wale Balaji. This is about 200 years old temple. There is also a story behind the name of this temple. Many years ago, many wires were coming out from behind this temple through telephone poles. After which the officials of the telephone exchange company used to address this temple by the name of Tara Wale Balaji in their speech. Since then the name of the temple became famous as Tara Wale Balaji Temple. Where thousands of devotees reach the temple to have darshan.

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