Driver distracted while talking on mobile, high speed bus collided with bridge, 26 passengers injured, condition of 8 critical…

Dulendra Patel, Tamnar (Raigad). The news of a major road accident is coming from Gharghoda in Raigad district. The speeding bus collided with the bridge. 26 passengers were injured in the accident. The condition of eight passengers is said to be critical. Those who have been referred to Raigad.

The bus of Badan Bus Service was going from Gharghoda towards Lailunga this morning. The bus reached near Darridipa of Gharghoda police station area. Meanwhile, the driver started talking on the mobile carelessly, due to which his attention was diverted from the road and the bus uncontrolled and collided with the railing of the bridge built by the railway. The front part of the bus was blown away in the accident.

24 passengers were injured in the accident, while the condition of two passengers who fell from the window and fell into the bridge after hitting the bus is said to be serious. Both the seriously injured passengers have been sent to Raigarh Medical College.

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