Drunken husband strangled, committed suicide

Kawardha. The Chilpi police have arrested the wife and two other relatives of the deceased on the charge of killing her husband. Police said that on June 17, the dead body of Dhur Singh Baiga was found hanging in Turaiyabahra Dongri of the district, on which the police was investigating by establishing a marg. Now the police have arrested 2 relatives including the wife.

The police had already suspected the murder. After the post mortem report, the police intensified their investigation. The murder came to light after strict questioning of the wife and family members.

Actually, Dhur Singh was a habitual drunkard. He used to argue with his wife everyday after drinking alcohol. Drunken husband went to pick up his wife, then there was a dispute between husband and wife. Losing her temper, the wife strangled her drunken husband this time, due to which he died.

After the death of her husband, with the help of her mother and brother, she hanged the dead husband to hide the evidence. Conspired to mislead the police by giving false information about husband’s suicide. Everything came out in the police investigation. The police have arrested the accused wife and her mother and brother.

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