Durg police action against Mahadev Satta app: 6 accused arrested from Jharkhand, 3 laptops, 17 mobiles including ATM cards, passbooks of many banks recovered

Manendra Patel, Durg. Durg police is continuously taking action against Mahadev online satta app. On the information that Mahadev Online Satta App, Reddy Anna Book No. 244 is being operated in Jharkhand, Durg police raided the branch and arrested 6 accused. The betting money was being transacted by the accused through various bank accounts.

Earlier Durg police had taken action against Mahadev online betting traders. During this action, evidence was collected in relation to other persons associated with the online Satta Mahadev app.

SP Shalabh Sinha said that the suspects operating the Mahadev online satta app were being constantly monitored. Special formulas were also imposed. Anti-Crime and Cyber ​​Unit and the police station team were sent to Hazaribagh in Jharkhand as soon as the people of Bhilai in Jharkhand received information about operation of online Satta Mahadev app.

The SP said, the police laid siege and arrested 6 accused. 03 nos laptops, 17 nos mobiles, 02 nos portable Wi-Fi routers, ATM cards of various banks, chequebooks, passbooks and other documents have been recovered from the accused.

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