Effect of Lon Varratu campaign: Four prize Naxalites surrendered, were involved in many major incidents

Pushpendra Singh, Dantewada. Impressed by the Lone Varratu campaign, Naxalites are continuously surrendering. Today in the district, four prize Naxalites including a Naxalite couple surrendered before the police. The Maoist couple were active members of PLGA Battalion No. 1 and PLGA Military Platoon No. 31. A reward of Rs 20 lakh was declared on both of them by the government.

Chhotu Mandavi, a dedicated Maoist of PLGA Battalion No. 1, is a resident of Irapali. He has carried out major Naxalite incidents including Minpa, Galagam and Elmagunda. A dedicated Naxalite of PLGA Military Platoon No. 31, Kosa alias Masa Mandvi resident Rani Vodli, Nukanpal, Tahkwada, Injram, Kirandul and Mailwada have been involved in many incidents.

There has been a joint contribution of the CRPF and the District Police in the dedication of the Naxalites. Chhotu Mandavi 8 lakh prize, Lakhme husband Chhotu 3 lakh prize, Masa Mandavi 8 lakh, Ayate husband Masa was a Naxalite with 1 lakh prize. Let us tell you that till now 609 Maoists including 157 prize Maoists have surrendered.

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