Election 2023 Dates Announced in Five States

Election 2023 Dates: In a significant development, the Election Commission of India announced the dates for assembly elections in five states – Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Telangana, Mizoram, and Chhattisgarh. The Chief Election Commissioner, Rajeev Kumar, addressed the media on Monday, providing details of the election schedule for each state. Here’s a breakdown of the election dates and key highlights for each state:

Madhya Pradesh: November 17th

In Madhya Pradesh, polling is scheduled to take place on November 17th. The state boasts a significant voter population of 16.1 crore, including 8.2 crore males, 7.5 crore females, and 60 lakh young voters. Notably, candidates are required to publish their criminal records in newspapers three times as part of the election process.

Rajasthan: November 23rd

Rajasthan will witness voting on November 23rd, with a total voter count of 5.25 crore, including 2.51 crore women and 6.04 lakh transgender individuals. The state has 141 general seats, 25 Scheduled Tribe (ST) seats, and 34 Scheduled Caste (SC) seats. Rajasthan aims to manage at least 5,000 polling centers run by women.

Telangana: November 30th

Telangana’s polling day falls on November 30th. The state has 8.38 lakh voters, with 4.32 lakh being women. An interesting aspect is the presence of 22 polling centers in remote areas accessible only by foot or boat, reflecting the commitment to ensuring every citizen’s right to vote.

Mizoram: December 7th

Mizoram, with 7 lakh voters, is set for elections on December 7th. Notably, it has a balanced gender ratio, with 1,060 males for every 1,000 females. In addition, Mizoram will see 40,934 first-time voters exercising their rights.

Chhattisgarh: November 7th and 17th

Chhattisgarh, unlike the other states, will conduct elections in two phases, on November 7th and 17th. This state has 4.43 lakh young voters casting their ballots for the first time. The state’s 90-member Legislative Assembly will complete Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel’s term on January 3rd, 2023.

Ensuring Accessibility

The Election Commission is committed to making voting accessible to all citizens, including the elderly and differently-abled individuals. Home-based voting facilities will be available for over 9,000 voters above 80 years of age and more than 3,000 differently-abled voters. Moreover, teams are reaching remote areas with no motorable roads, where 22 polling centers require teams to travel on foot. Additionally, 19 polling centers are situated in riverine areas, accessible only by boat.

Increasing Participation

Efforts are underway to encourage higher voter participation and to reduce the gender gap. In the previous elections, there was a noticeable difference in the percentage of male and female voters in some areas. The Election Commission aims to achieve a 75% voter turnout overall.

The upcoming assembly elections in these five states are crucial for the citizens as they exercise their democratic rights. The Election Commission’s efforts to ensure accessibility and increase voter participation are commendable, emphasizing the importance of every vote in a democracy. Stay tuned for more updates on these elections as they unfold.

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