Election 2024: Nitin Gadkari Announces Unconventional Approach for Elections: No Posters, No Tea

Election 2024: In a surprising announcement, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has declared that during the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, there will be no election posters, and he will not serve tea to voters. Gadkari’s statement emphasizes a unique and unorthodox campaign strategy, one that relies on the voters themselves.

Speaking in Washim, Maharashtra, Gadkari, who holds the portfolios of Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, as well as a prominent leader in the BJP, made his stance clear. He stated, “I don’t accept bribes during elections, and I won’t allow anyone else to do so either. However, I believe I can serve you all honestly.”

This unconventional approach to election campaigning is not new for Gadkari. In a previous speech on July 24th, he shared his perspective on winning elections. According to Gadkari, elections are not won through bribery or enticements but by building trust and affection in the hearts of the people. He emphasized the wisdom of voters, stating that they are well-informed and vote for the candidate they truly believe in.

Gadkari even shared an anecdote about how he once distributed a kilogram of mutton among the people, yet he still lost the election. This, he said, is because today’s voters are highly aware and make their decisions based on their beliefs and not material offerings.

Traditionally, election campaigns involve massive hoardings and posters, and some politicians even resort to offering money to voters. Gadkari’s decision to forego these methods highlights his belief in a more direct and trust-based approach to win the hearts of the electorate.

It remains to be seen how this unique campaign strategy will play out in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Gadkari’s approach could potentially set a precedent for a more honest and people-centric form of politics, challenging the conventional practices of election campaigning in India.

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