Electoral board laid in CG: The tour of meetings continues in CM House, there is discussion of change in corporation

Nitin Namdev, Raipur. Assembly elections are round the corner in Chhattisgarh. The parties have started preparations. In this episode, regarding the meeting held in the CM House, PCC Chief Deepak Baij said that today for the first time after becoming the President, a meeting is being held in the CM House. All senior leaders will be present. Organizational matters will be discussed. There will be party related discussion. At the same time, MLA Vikas Upadhyay said that there are assembly elections in 4 months. The government is working on the issue of public interest. Kumari Selja is continuously touring. People are being given training at the zone level. He said that we will go among the public regarding all the issues including public welfare schemes. For which series of meetings are going on.

On the other hand, regarding the discussion of change in the corporation board, he said that his work, his performance will be seen. Whether he will remain or not, that criteria will be decided by the leadership of the Congress. There is no discussion about it anywhere. PCC Chief Deepak Baij has also expressed ignorance about this discussion.

BJP has lost the trust of the people – Vikas Upadhyay

On the possible visit of PM Modi, Vikas Upadhyay said that the national leadership of BJP is eyeing Chhattisgarh. They have come to know that their government will not be able to be formed in Chhattisgarh. The fight between BJP workers and leaders is so much that they are not able to stand together. Big leaders of BJP are coming to Chhattisgarh, the public has come to know them. They were shown big dreams, but now people’s faith is over. BJP will not be able to get success now.

Election is near, so talking about issues – Vikas Upadhyay

Regarding the siege of BJP’s collectorate office, he said that BJP was not among the public for 4 and a half years. People trusted him for 15 years, he could not win the trust of the people. Election is near, so BJP people are now talking about issues. They are going among the people to do drama during election time.

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