ENG Vs AUS: Lord’s Test saved due to Johnny Bairstow, shocking revelation of fellow player

ENG Vs AUS: The second match of the Ashes series is being played between Australia and England on the historic ground of Lord’s. After the start of the first day’s play, two Oil Protesters had reached the ground. The aim of the Protesters was to damage the pitch. But due to the understanding of England wicketkeeper Johnny Bairstow, the pitch was saved from getting spoiled. This was disclosed by Bairstow’s fellow player Jose Tongue.

Jose Tong has described Bairstow as the hero because of which the Lord’s Test was saved. Actually, when the Oil Protesters were moving towards the pitch, Bairstow caught them and stopped them from spoiling the pitch. Bairstow did not stop here and picked up the protestors and left them outside the boundary as well. 

Jose Tong told that if Bairstow did not do this, the match could have been canceled. Tong said, "I saw Johnny going after her. If the Protesters had put powder on the wicket then don’t know what would have happened to the game. If Johnny had not done this, the match could have been cancelled."text-align: justify;">Bairstow hailed as a hero

Tong further said, “Bairstow can be called a hero.” Bairstow has prevented the game from getting spoiled. If he had reached the pitch, he could have done anything. Then the cancellation of the match was decided. Bairstow saved this from happening."text-align: justify;"> Please tell that Tong is playing the second match of his Test career. Tong got a chance to debut against Ireland this month. Tang bowled brilliantly on the first day, taking two wickets.

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