Everyone’s wishes come true as soon as water is offered to a 400-year-old tree, it also quenches the thirst of animals, know where is such a miraculous tree

A tree in Chhattisgarh has been named “Sarai Baba”. Which has become a center of attraction for the local people and for the tourists. It is believed that Sarai Baba fulfills the wishes of the people. That’s the claim of many people living there.

Please tell that this tree is in Sihawa of Dhamtari. The people of the place believe that a 400 year old tree fulfills the desired wish. Whenever there is any problem, he shares it with Sarai Baba. A person from there told that, whenever the wild animals around feel thirsty, they quench their thirst by digging their teeth in the root of that tree.

At the same time, Sarai Boda Namak fruit also comes out of this tree, which people claim to consume. Its leaves are also eaten. The local people there believe that this tree is known as Sarai Baba since the Mughal era. People claim their wish to be fulfilled by pouring water into this tree. The people of the village consider this tree as divine and protect it.

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