EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Why is Shankaracharya angry with Modi-Yogi? What was said in praise of Bhupesh Sarkar? Talk on everything from Hindu nation to Gauthan, Ram Vanagaman, drug free campaign!

Vaibhav Bemetariha, Raipur. Shankaracharya Swami Nischalanand Saraswati talked about Lalluram.com from Hindu nation to Gauthan, Ram Vanagaman, drug free campaign. On the question of Hindu Rashtra, Shankaracharya says that about 20 months ago, in the room where I live in Puri, there is a picture of Bhagwati Durga ji on the wall, my mouth opened on seeing it. Hindu Rashtra… Hindu Rashtra… Hindu Rashtra came out of my mouth thrice. I understood Bhagwati’s inspiration, since then I started saying Hindu nation. When Raghu, Dilip etc. were ruling, then all were Hindus. Sanatani Vedic may or may not have been something, but he was a Hindu.

Shankaracharya said, in today’s situation all the human beings are not Hindus. That’s why there is a need to say Hindu Rashtra. And we connect everyone with ancestors. Everyone’s ancestors were Hindu Sanatani, all were proficient in education. Not a secret to say, but I’m saying it anyway. The plan of the Muslim system was to increase the number so much in 40 years that Hindus become a minority in India. The plan of the Christians was to convert Hindus into Christians on the pretext of service and eventually make an alliance with the Muslims or the feeling of the Muslims was to capture India by forging an alliance with the Christians. Considering that I had such information, I spoke of Hindu nation.

He said, leaders like Kejriwal kept talking about Khalistan. Now since we are talking about Hindu nation, then the talk of Khalistan has been suppressed. We have spoken about the Hindu nation after careful thought, Bhagwati got it said and we are getting success.

Angry with Modi and Yogi

Shankaracharya says on the question of the difference of opinion of the saints regarding the Hindu nation, those who say so should come and sit in front, who has forbidden it. Everything is planned in the heart of the work for which God makes it. No matter what, everything is accomplished. I know what will happen next, not 10 thousand years but 10 lakh years.

Ramsetu was protected or not. Shankaracharya said on this, we prayed to God. The Ramalaya Trust was formed during the reign of Narasimha Rao. At that time there was a signature campaign. I didn’t sign it. Narasimha Rao had launched a campaign to kill me on the co-operation of the dignitaries who had signed it, had launched a kidnapping campaign. Did not succeed in that. If I had signed, there would have been a mosque opposite to the temple in Ayodhya today. There will be a strange situation, now 5 acres of land has been given 25 kilometers away, the same will be followed in Mathura as well as in Kashi. At present, Modi and Yogi ji are taking credit for Ram Mandir, but in future, three new Pakistan will be formed in one Uttar Pradesh.

Only RSS is the Prime Minister…

On the question of the government of Hindutva party in the country, Shankaracharya says that you tell whether it is so or not? Is cow slaughter happening in the country or not? Is cow protection happening or not? The Prime Minister has even told the cow vigilante goons. Thousands of Hindus are becoming Christians everyday? How will the supporters of Hindu say? There is only RSS Prime Minister, so he will be in favor of Hindu? I don’t believe so.

It is good if there is work on Lord Ram and cow protection

In Chhattisgarh, on the question of Ram, Ramvangaman, cow protection, Ramayana, it is said that if I get to see it, I will tell, but all is well. If such work is happening then it is good. Now I do not know where the work is being done. Lord Ram has traveled in Chhattisgarh. The name of Chhattisgarh has been Kosala Pradesh. Kosal has been named after mother Kaushalya.

Prohibition is necessary before prohibition

On the question of drug free campaign in Chhattisgarh, the government says that there must be a drug free society. There is prohibition in Bihar, but is liquor being sold or not? Students are getting intoxicated. Liquor is being smuggled, so banning prohibition will not work? Drug prohibition is necessary. The society has to be awakened for this first. The people of the state and the countrymen have to be connected with the intoxication of patriotism.

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