Fierce debate between the opposition and the opposition in the House on the no-confidence motion, Brijmohan said – what to do when the youth of the state becomes naked, Choubey’s counterattack, said – till date I have not seen such a hollow no-confidence motion…

Raipur. On the fourth day of the monsoon session of the Vidhansabha, the BJP presented a no-confidence motion. Initiating the discussion, BJP MLA Brijmohan Aggarwal, referring to the youth roaming around naked, said that if you do not bring a no-confidence motion against such a government, what can you bring? Countering this, Ravindra Choubey said that I have been in the House for 35 years, but I have not seen such a hollow no-confidence motion till date.

Initiating the discussion, BJP MLA Brijmohan Aggarwal said that when the government becomes deaf and dumb. What is the situation when the youth of the state becomes naked. People are roaming naked on the streets. Has the entire intelligence become impotent? If you do not bring a no-confidence motion against such a government, then what else?

Minister Ravindra Choubey objected to the remarks of Brijmohan Agarwal. Said what has happened to the wrestlers in Delhi? Will tell what has happened to the women in Manipur. With this, a tussle started between the opposition and the opposition, and there was a lot of uproar in the house.
Brijmohan Aggarwal said that this is a worse government than the British, which sent only the youths who performed naked to jail. Congress MLA Dhanendra Sahu interrupted and said that youth without morals are being compared to Bhagat Singh. Brijmohan Agarwal said that the youth belonging to Scheduled Castes are being insulted by calling them immoral.

Brijmohan Agarwal said that has any such incident ever happened in the history of the country. Sections like rebellion were imposed against the youth. The future of the youth was played with. On this, Minister Shiv Dahria and Congress MLA Dhanendra Sahu said that such an appointment was made in the BJP government. What garland should be worn on the criminal type of youth?

Brijmohan Agarwal said that this government has become naked in corruption. Village, poor, farmer’s child did not get selected in PSC. Government ministers should be ashamed. Tughlaqi rule runs in this government. This government is a government of conflict. First two and a half years. People kept waiting as to whom to listen to and to whom not. The Chief Minister did not have faith in the President of his party.

He said that thirty percent of the population of the state is forest dwellers. They are being shuffled like cards. An attempt is being made to create class struggle. Will this lead to the development of Chhattisgarh? The basic need of the people is that they get food, house, school, health. The Prime Minister had sent twelve thousand crores for the housing scheme, but the government did the work of snatching the roof from the heads of the poor.

Brijmohan Agarwal said that out of ten thousand villages, Jal Jeevan Mission has reached only 1600 villages. The posts of teachers are vacant in 74 thousand schools, water is dripping from the roof of the schools. Maintenance is not happening. It ranks 36th in the country in the field of school education. It was said in the budget speech that the cash counter in the government hospital of the state will be closed. The government had talked about giving pattas to the urban landless poor, but it has not been given till date.

The BJP MLA said that a world class school and hospital was promised to be built in Naya Raipur. Objection was raised on shifting of Delhi’s Jawan Jyoti, and it was said that it would be made in Chhattisgarh. But what happened? It was said to make a service village like Wardha, what happened? There was a liquor scam in the state. Drinkers have to take liquor at a higher rate along with levy.

He said that the maximum cement in the country is made in Chhattisgarh, yet the most expensive cement is available in the state. Cement companies say that you do not know what is called extra tax? The chest of our rivers is being cut. Sand thieves made a pit of twelve feet. Thinking that the shore was three feet away, the girls had gone down to take a bath. His life did not go like this, he was murdered. Sand thieves were given a free hand.

The BJP MLA said that near the electric tower, sand is being dug out from under the bridge over the river. No one is happy in this government. This is a government surrounded by contradictions. The MLA accuses the minister of killing him. The MLA tells TI that if he had taken five to seven thousand rupees, it would not have been a problem, it is not right to take fifty thousand. The MLA sits on a dharna against the government. This government is a circus.

There is no discussion on Manipur incident

Discussing the no-confidence motion, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ravindra Choubey said that the photo of a naked woman is shown in this house on behalf of the opposition. But when the incident of Manipur is mentioned, there is no discussion on it. BJP MLA Shivratan Sharma remarked that the Chief Minister also gave a statement on the Prime Minister’s statement on the incident in Manipur. In this state, in June 2022, such an incident took place in Urandabeda village of Kondagaon. A young woman and a young man were stripped naked and paraded in public. What wrong did the Prime Minister say by taking the name of Chhattisgarh.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ravindra Choubey said that we have seen what happened in Jhaliyamari. But today if Bhupesh is there then there is trust, and if BJP is there then there is deceit. I thank Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel that since coming to the government, he has given respect to Chhattisgarhi culture. The dreams of Khubchand Baghel, Sunderlal Sharma are being fulfilled. Now there is a government of 71, in the coming elections there will be a government of 75.

Choubey said that BJP is leaderless. There is a party immersed in depression. Dharamlal Kaushik was removed from the Leader of the Opposition and made to sit in another place. The central leadership is making constant pressure. A hunter driver had come, but did not listen to her. Then a Jamwant came and did not even listen to him. Now Mathur has come, he is also not being listened to.

He said that I have been in the House for 35 years, but I have not seen such a hollow no-confidence motion till date. This whole allegation is a bundle of lies. Have you ever had the courage to talk to the people of Delhi in the interest of Chhattisgarh. The Prime Minister stops the money of Chhattisgarh. They don’t pay royalty for GST, they don’t pay cess for mining. BJP sometimes dares to talk about all these subjects. Brijmohan Agarwal said that Prime Minister Modi has given one lakh five thousand crore rupees to Chhattisgarh.

Ravindra Choubey said that the state was to get Rs 30-32 thousand crore from the Centre. The Prime Minister had just come to Chhattisgarh. He was made to make a false statement from the public forum that the Center gives money for the purchase of paddy, while the state purchases paddy by taking loan limit from RBI. After purchasing paddy, the center buys custom milling rice. In just one year, more than three hundred rice mills have opened in Chhattisgarh.

Choubey said that BJP has no right to speak about paddy and farmers. The farmers were lied to by promising to give bonus to the farmers. Had promised to buy paddy for Rs.2100 but that too was not fulfilled. The farmers were lied to. Bhupesh Sarkar had promised to buy paddy for Rs.2500 and today paddy is being bought for Rs.2640.

He said that two years ago the Center did not take paddy. Twenty lakh quintals of paddy had to be sold in the open market. There was a loss of one and a half thousand crore rupees. Brijmohan Agarwal was talking about naked demonstration. In this house, a special session was called regarding the reservation of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes. Raj Bhavan did not sign the bill. Raj Bhavan was made a center of politics. The Chief Minister had said that lakhs of unemployed would get employment after reservation, but politics was done to stop reservation. The court gave the order, after that the jobs opened.

That’s why Honorable Chief Minister is not speaking

Participating in the discussion, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that what is the mentality of the backward classes? This is visible from the statement of Brijmohan Agarwal. He said to me, O Bhupesh Baghel… His mentality is clearly visible from this. I come from backward class, that’s why Honorable Chief Minister is not addressing by speaking.

The Chief Minister said that he had promised to reduce inflation in the country. When the price of cooking gas increased, a central minister used to roam around with a plank around her neck. What happened? The BJP government has done continuous protest. He had promised to double the income of the farmers, to implement the report of the Swaminathan Committee, to send fifteen lakhs to the bank account. When these people see their face in the mirror, how much it is covered with soot.

He said that the Naan scam worth Rs 36,000 crore was discussed in this House. Who did this scam? Who was named in the Panama scam, August Westland scam? How much scam happened in sky walk. Who did the priyadarshini bank scam? Its investigation is going on, the truth will be revealed. We started buying cow dung. Today Uttar Pradesh is buying. Procurement started in Madhya Pradesh. It is being purchased in Jharkhand. The Godhan Nyaya Yojana of Chhattisgarh has become popular in the country.

The Chief Minister said that there is a scheme in the name of the Prime Minister, then the entire amount of the housing scheme should be given to the Centre. Swami Atmanand school scam is also mentioned in the charge sheet. We have opened more than seven hundred Atmanand schools. The children of the poor are studying in self-satisfaction. More than three lakh children have been admitted. BJP leaders have written letters for admission in the school. This school will prove to be a milestone in the times to come.

He said that we have made Rural Industrial Park. Chhattisgarhia Olympics has started. Traditional sports are being promoted. BJP’s Ram is Ram of votes, our Ram is Ram of harmony, Ram of love. Slogans of Jai Siya Ram were raised in the House. The MLAs of the ruling party raised slogans of Ram. BJP MLA Shivratan Sharma said that Kalnemi also used to chant the name of Lord Shri Ram. Who had filed a petition regarding Ram in the court?

Ravindra Choubey said that also tell who opened the lock of the temple. Dharamlal Kaushik said that the lock was opened by the order of the court. Choubey said that when the lock has been opened on the orders of the court, then why does the BJP take credit. Ravindra Choubey said that the self-respect of the farmers has awakened in Chhattisgarh. Earlier migration used to happen from village to city, now it is happening from city to village. The short term loan was three thousand crores, today it has increased to more than six thousand crores.

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