Fight for rights on the road: Farmers of 27 villages in CG opened a front against the government, said – compensation was to be given in exchange for the land, but it has not been received yet…

Neha Kesharwani, Raipur. Once again the farmers have opened a front against the government. Farmers of 27 villages of Naya Raipur protested and tried to lay siege to the CM House. Farmers say that they had given the land of their forefathers in the Navnirman of Naya Raipur, compensation was to be given in lieu of the land, but it was not received. However, the police stopped the protesters on the way and made them sit in buses and sent them to Mana Tuta.

According to the information, a committee of 3 cabinet ministers was formed to solve the problems of the farmers, but even after that the things said in the committee were not implemented. There is a demand from the government of the farmers that, instead of giving settlement lease in 11 villages, it should be given in all 27 villages. Employment should be given to 60% affected unemployed people of Naya Raipur. Shop Gumti should be given for business at 75% cost price. But all these things are not being implemented.

In the same case, Phulesh Barle (Treasurer, New Capital Affected Farmers Welfare Committee) said that a cabinet committee has been formed in the former cabinet, consensus has been reached on 67 points, and they are talking about bringing them to the ground. Three ministers in the cabinet have not declared themselves capable. We want that, after sitting with the Chief Minister, an agreement should be reached on these points.

Bharat Bais (farmer, village Tuta) said, today the government is trying to suppress us with the power of the police. We are fighting for a just demand. We have given the land of our forefathers, so that Naya Raipur’s Navnirman can be done. We need our rights in this. We have taken land in Kamal Vihar also, we want our rights in that. There is a problem of employment for the young youth in the village, the Panchayati Raj system is in danger in the village. Sarpanch has no authority. Everything is under the authority of NRDA.

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