Food made in earthen utensils is very tasty, keep these things in mind while using it, so that the utensils do not break

Earthen pots have been used in homes for cooking for centuries. Although in the intervening years, these utensils were disappearing from the kitchen, but now slowly the trend has come again, and people have started using earthen utensils for cooking. The use of utensils has been considered very safe. This is because of the porosity of clay pots, which help in slow and even cooking of food. This not only makes the food tasty, but all the nutrients are also present in abundance in it. Also, cooking in clay pots does not require excessive oil, resulting in less fat content in the food.

Well, clay pots are an ideal option for cooking. But it has to be maintained very carefully. Otherwise there is a risk of it bursting during cooking itself. In such a situation, if you are using an earthen pot to make any recipe in your home, then definitely follow the tips given here.

soak clay pot in water

It is always necessary to season the utensil before use. By doing this the food does not stick to it. Before using it, soak the utensil in water for a few hours. Since pottery is porous, it retains moisture for a long time, and does not break. Now take it out of the water and wipe it clean with a dry cloth. Then fill it with water and keep it on low flame for 2 minutes. Now you can start cooking food in the utensil by throwing this water.

cook on low heat

Like normal kitchen utensils, clay utensils are not made for cooking on high flame. By doing this, there is a fear of breaking the utensil, so it should always be kept on low flame. Because of this, food cooks slowly in it, but the taste increases manifold.

use a wooden or silicone ladle

Instead of steel spoons, ladles, ladles made of wood or silicone should be used to turn food in earthen pots. By doing this, the earthen pot does not get damaged. Along with this, there is no mark on the surface of pottery.

How to clean earthen pot

A lot of care has to be taken while cleaning the pottery for re-use, otherwise it breaks down in a matter of seconds. In this case, use a soft scrub to clean it and rub it with light hands. Keep in mind that instead of rubbing hard, fill water with baking soda in it and keep it for a while. Now wash it with soap and clean it thoroughly. Now wipe it with cotton cloth. Now leave it in the sun to dry for a while.

wash with a pinch of detergent

If earthen utensils are greasy, then cleaning them with warm water and a pinch of detergent is a great way to wash earthen utensils. To remove grease from an earthen pot, mix a pinch of detergent or liquid dish soap in water and clean it. It cleans the utensils very well and removes the grease completely.

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