Former Indian Legend Batsman Sunil Gavaskar Love Story He Met His Wife

Sunil Gavaskar’s Interesting Love Story: Sunil Gavaskar, the legendary batsman of Indian cricket, is famous all over the world for his brilliant batting. Gavaskar was one of the best batsmen of his time. At the same time, the love story of the legendary batsman is also very interesting. Veteran Gavaskar was married to Marcheline Malhotra. Sunil Gavaskar fell in love with Marcheline when she came to ask him for an autograph.

Marcheline Malhotra belongs to Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. According to media reports, Marcheline is the daughter of a leather businessman. When Marcheline first met Gavaskar in 1973, she was pursuing her BA at Delhi’s Lady Shri Ram College.

Marcheline went to the stadium to watch the match. During the lunch break in the match, Sunil Gavaskar was standing in the students’ gallery and seeing him, Marceline reached out to veteran Gavaskar to get an autograph. It is said that along with the autograph, Sunil Gavaskar gave his heart to Marcheline. Although Marcheline was completely unaware of this fact.

Sunil Gavaskar had lost his heart on Marcheline at first sight. After this, Sunil Gavaskar got the information about Marcheline. According to some media reports, Gavaskar himself had gone to Kanpur because of Marcheline and had also made rounds of Marcheline Malhotra’s house.

Proposed for marriage in Kanpur itself

According to media reports, Sunil Gavaskar proposed Marcheline for marriage in front of her family members in Kanpur. Veteran Gavaskar had called Marcheline Malhotra’s entire family for a Test match to be held in Kanpur and after the match he proposed Marcheline. Marcheline’s family members were agreeable to this marriage. After this, Gavaskar married Marceline Malhotra on September 23, 1974 and held her hand forever.

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