Former minister Kedar Kashyap attacked the government, said – Where did the GST money received from the center be spent…, farmers wandering for fertilizers, will do fierce agitation

Nitin Namdev, Raipur. Former minister Kedar Kashyap surrounded the government on various issues. He said, Nandkumar Sai is a senior tribal leader. An atmosphere was created in the Congress that he would be given a national level post, but he was given the shortest post in his political lifetime. BJP had given many posts. When the new president of PCC arrived, Nandkumar Sai was sidelined. This embarrassed us. He stood with the district president of NSUI. It has been a habit of the Congress to insult the tribals.

Kedar Kashyap said on the statement of PCC President Deepak Baij about not getting cooperation from the Center, PCC President said that we are not getting money from the Center. On the one hand, the CM says that we are getting cooperation from the Center and when Modi ji leaves, he says that cooperation is not being received. Why want to confuse the public. Congress always retaliates. This government has spread many misconceptions regarding GST. The state has received a lot of GST money from the center. I want to ask the Congress government, for what purpose this amount was used.

Kedar Kashyap said, it is not right to blame the center without information. If their barking will not stop, then BJP knows how to stop barking. On the problem of fertilizers being faced by the farmers, Kedar Kashyap said, today our farmers are not getting fertilizers. Farmers are constantly wandering for fertilizers. Giving to the soil in the name of organic manure. The farmer is very angry with this. BJP will launch a fierce agitation regarding this. There is a program of picketing at every assembly level.

Former minister Kashyap said, this is the last session of the Congress. Due to admission, the public is demanding answers from them. On the return of Nandkumar Sai to BJP, former minister Kedar Kashyap said, we have never closed the doors for anyone. If he wants to join BJP then the doors will never be closed for him.

On the new appointments made in the Congress, former minister Kedar Kashyap said, whose challenge has become bigger, they have expanded themselves.
Congress will not contest elections without a commander. Mohan Markam has done the work of encircling the government. Nothing to do with new appointments. Only coaches will keep changing nothing will happen, when engines will change then something will happen.

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